Frequently Asked Questions


We have customized course material. According to the academic or applied school programs and based on various grade levels. Also we teach course material personally through individualized instructions and we keep a track whether students are applying the concepts effectively and learning instead of memorizing. Our teaching policies are based on cognitive approach to learning which emphasizes the importance of understanding compared to memorization. Our tutors are also focused on imparting other skills such as time management and help students’ develop focus in their learning. Developing focus is essential to a class setting. It helps students’ eliminate distractions and increase their learning abilities.

Our teaching policies involve physical model experiments and visual descriptions that help clarify concepts and aid in thorough comprehension of a novel idea. Students are consistently asked to explain ideas in their own words to ensure complete understanding of subject material. We offer individualized instructions that benefit the student greatly and instil confidence in them. We have team of great enthusiastic and passionate teachers who use technology as a teaching tool to keep students engage and excited about learning.

Our tutors are expert in specific courses and they understand the school curriculum with a high degree of detail. Tutors are also certified in Learning Minds teaching techniques based on the cognitive approach to learning.

We believe that learning should be personnel and individualized. Our tutor get to know each student and our learning system is based on positive reinforcement and encouragement along the students’ journey to success. So your child gets individual attention at Learning Minds and learns to work independently.

Affordability is our top priority and we offer flexible monthly payment options. Please contact us for more details.

We specialize in secondary school tutoring and we offer tutoring for all subjects in high school.

Yes, we provide preparation of EQAO’s for grade 9 and we also prove Ontario Secondary School Test Literacy (OSSLT) preparation for the grade 10 students.

Yes, our counselors provide career counselling and help our students apply for universities across the nation.