Our Approach

We focus on engaging our students’ minds and allowing them to acquire problem-solving abilities with intelligence and conscious thought.

Shape Shape

We want our student to UNDERSTAND MORE and MEMORIZE LESS!

Our teaching policies are based on cognitive approach to learning, where there is an apparent connection between theoretical and practical understanding. Thorough understanding of concepts allows students to analyze it and apply it to unprecedented situations and questions.

With a complete understanding and grasp of a concept can a student truly achieve Excellence and improve their grades. A teaching methodology based on research in educations psychology called cognitive learning enhances students’ ability to grasp the core of a concept and understand, how to manipulate in difficult questions. Cognitive learning strategies are essential to effective learning: students develop problem-solving techniques, which stimulate their mind and allow it to grow.

Teaching Policies

Our teaching policies involve physical model experiments and visual descriptions that help clarify concepts and aid in thorough comprehension of a novel idea. Students are consistently asked to explain ideas in their own words to ensure complete understanding of the topic.

  • Step 1
    • We conduct our one hour FREE session. We evaluate the student’s academic strengths and weaknesses through a verbal and written assessment.
  • Step 2
    • After the assessment, we review the results with the parents and design a personalized tutoring program for the child. The program aims to fill and gaps or voids in the fundamental knowledge along with concurrent assistance with daily school work.
  • Step 3
    • If you decide to enroll, we pair the student with the best suited teacher, who is an expert in a particular subject area. The teacher is informed about the student’s assessment results and goals for the first 8 sessions.
  • Step 4
    • After 8 sessions, we meet the child’s parents to discuss progress in academics and personal skills. We like to ensure that parents and students are delighted with LEARNING MINDS!
  • Step 5
    • After 16 classes, we host a re-assessment test which measures the child’s progress towards goals that were set in the beginning. We measure the effectiveness of tutoring program and produce REAL RESULTS in form of HIGH GRADES on report cards!